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GREEN SANCTUARY         (Summary: 627)

The Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry (T.M.M.) is an ecumenical organization of churches, synagogues, and mosques in our community, working together for the benefit of all. The T.M.M. sponsors the Green Sanctuary Program which is outlined below.

Details: Religious communities have traditionally been one of the places that both children and adults gain moral development and clarify their higher values. Most religious individuals realize the need to be careful guardians of this creation. We believe we can mobilize this concern for ethical living to improve our local environmental quality.

It is our goal to involve area congregations in becoming environmental education centers. Some may choose to call themselves creation awareness centers, green sanctuaries, or just concerned congregations with the intent of becoming active in environmental education and change.

To become a "Green Sanctuary" a congregation must have:

  • A recycling program
  • A habitat enhancement program
  • An energy conservation plan
  • An environmental education event
  • An environmentally oriented worship service
  • A representative on the T.M.M. Environmental Committee

Suggestions are made by T.M.M. to implement these plans.

Resources: A brochure is available.
For more information See the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism's Web site at and its publication Lirdof Tzedek: A Guide to Synagogue Social Action at and see the Union for Reform Judaism Department of Jewish Family Concerns material including Becoming A Kehilat Chesed: Creating and Sustaining a Caring Congregation at

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