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See the update—including a second video—below.

Temple De Hirsch Sinai created a video to show donors the depth of our programming and to thank them for making our work possible. We then changed the ending and now use the video as a part of a member recruitment tool. The “Share our Past, Shape our Future” video can be found on our website.


Member surveys proved that members and donors did not have a sense of the depth and breadth of programs and services we offered. We needed a vehicle to tell our story, to help set us apart from other congregations and to touch the hearts of our donors. The result was the ““Share Our Past, Shape our Future” video.

We told our story using video from myriad events that occurred over a four month period of time. The story was established through short, personal narratives. We did not script the testimonials but rather asked leading questions to get the answers that put us in the best light. The members highlighted represented a wide array of interests and focuses:

  • A longtime member whose family have been members for multiple generations
  • A Jew by Choice whose family is visible throughout the Jewish and secular community
  • A young adult who teaches in our school and is a leader in our community
  • Our senior rabbi

We intermeshed their remarks and thoughts with visuals from events, programs and gatherings. We made sure to show both buildings and people (of all ages and color), and used music recorded directly from our programs as the soundtrack. The result was an engaging, heartwarming and unique view of who we truly are.

Results from our funders were positive. They now have a clear understanding of what their donations make possible. As a membership tool, the results are also positive. Temple shoppers can and do see this video online and get a true sense of who we are and what makes Temple De Hirsch Sinai special.

Other congregations can easily replicate this video using their own unique story, music and narrative. For more information about planning, videography and work involved, please contact Kim Greenhall. Contact information below.

UPDATE: "Share Our Past, Shape Our Future" won two National Telly Awards for Excellence in Videography. The first award was in the Charitable Non-Profit category and the second in the Recruitment category. Based on the success of that video, Temple De Hirsch Sinai created a new one, "The Time of Our Lives."

This five minute view into what makes our temple community unique and inviting was created with two endings to be able to serve two purposes:

  1. To entice potential new members to join our synagogue
  2. To thank donors for supporting our temple community

We are proud of both videos, and think they are great marketing tools.

Temple De Hirsch Sinai is the largest Reform congregation in the Pacific Northwest. With two distinct campuses covering the greater Seattle area, we serve over 1,500 member families through thought-provoking programs, award-winning educational offerings, professional staff and outstanding clergy. We have a deep history (since 1897). We celebrate and welcome diversity. We strive to meet the needs of our members during their most meaningful lifecycle moments in rich and creative ways. Music has a strong presence and sets us apart.

Resources: Watch the “Share Our Past—Shape Our Future" and the "Time of Our Lives" videos.

For additional recruitment ideas, check out the URJ's Membership online program bank, and for development resources, visit the URJ's Finance page and scroll to the Financial Resource Development section.

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