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CARBON NEUTRAL CALCULATOR         (Summary: 2676)

At Temple Rodef Shalom (TRS), we believe b’nei mitzvot, weddings and other celebrations are a cause for joy, and are meant to be shared with family, friends, neighbors and loved ones. But our celebrations can also have negative impacts on the environment. In particular, the auto mileage, air travel, hotels and other activities involved in attending or coordinating a celebration consume substantial amounts of fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide into the air. This carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, contributing to global warming.


In light of this, we encourage “carbon-neutral” b’nei mitzvot, weddings and other events. To help in this effort, TRS’s Green Team, under expert guidance from Daniel Klein, has developed a “Carbon Footprint Calculator.” This calculator helps you estimate the greenhouse gas emissions stemming from your event’s activities, including the air travel, driving distances and hotel stays. It then directs you to different organizations that you can help by funding emission reduction projects to offset your emissions, effectively making it “carbon-neutral.”  


The Carbon Footprint Calculator is available on the TRS website. These tools help make the right thing to do the easy thing to do. We encourage b’nei mitzvah students and their family; wedding celebrants; and everyone else celebrating some simchah to consider going carbon neutral. Do it for your Mother (Earth)!


RESOURCES: carbon neutral announcementcarbon calculator

For more green tips, visit Greening Reform Judaism, URJ's one-stop shop for all things green!


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