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  1. To develop a Jewish person who believes that the Torah tradition is a guide for his/her interaction with other human beings; in other words, to teach the values of Judaism.
  2. To develop a Jewish person who has a sense of belonging to the Jewish people.
  3. To develop a Jewish person who behaves in a manner responsive to the Torah’s tradition and sees the world as potentially responsive to his needs and who recognizes that each person has the ability and responsibility to take care of the world by the way he acts toward other human beings.


Using Hebrew as a Judaic value the teacher will, at all times, set herself up as a “role model,” “a living example” to her students instilling in them first and foremost a positive feeling about being Jewish. The teacher will individualize her lessons every day and remember that the major goal is to create a positive feeling within her students—regardless of their academic abilities—about being a Jew.


The teacher will see herself as selling “something” and what she is selling is not so much the knowledge of Hebrew as the joy of being a Jew. The teacher will utilize all aids at her disposal, such as music, art, games and whenever necessary, transliteration.


Long after our students leave us, they may forget the Hebrew they have learned, but what we are aiming to leave them with is a feeling of wanting to pass on the chain of Jewish tradition to their children forever and ever.

For more information about addressing issues on inclusion in your congregation, visit the  Disabilities section of URJ's Caring Community web page.

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