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ISRAEL 60TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION         (Summary: 2660)

Summary of Program
In recognition of Israel's 60th birthday, the religious school of Beth Israel planned a special program for students, families and interested adults. The program was geared toward providing students with an overview of the history, culture, geography and foods of Israel. Additionally, it was designed as a celebration and birthday party and included a brunch and lots of stimulating activities. Parents were informed of the special program about a month prior. The letter to them about the program described the program and the classes that would be offered that pertain to Israel, its culture, heritage, religions and history.  All parents were encouraged to attend with their children. With this letter an "Israel Fact Sheet" was included as guidance for a fun quiz to be part of the celebration.

Curriculum by Grade
Outlined below is a summary of the curriculum by grade for the Israel Birthday Celebration Program.

For the younger grades, pre kindergarten through 2nd, students made birthday cards. Included on the inside of the card were lists of Israel's achievements over the past 60 years. The back of the card included students' thoughts and ideas on what they hoped Israel might achieve in the next 60 years.  These cards were displayed throughout the synagogue.  Students also watched 'Shalom Sesame' and talked about it afterwards.

PreK - 2

  • Provide a brief history of Israel
  • Talk about different cities in Israel
  • Explain about Israeli foods  - give out some samples (no nuts please)
  • Have a discussion on what children in Israel do
  • Review vocabulary of Israel
  • Show - Shalom Sesame in Israel

Art Project and Competition: Grades 3-7
These grades designed PEACE POSTERS for Israel, which were displayed in Haas Hall on the day of the Brunch.  Prizes were awarded for the posters and then hung in our media center.

For students in grades 5 and 6 an Israeli market or Shuk was created. It included a department store, restaurant, and supermarket. Students were able to "shop" for items they wanted using Israel money. (See the Rules for Shopping in the Shuk.) Other activities included watching the movie Beyond Our Borders and students participated in a fun quiz about Israel based on Israel Fact Sheet that had been sent home. 

Additional Programming

  • Include prayers and blessings pertaining to Israel as well as poetry in the morning liturgical service.
  • Have an Israeli movie running in the Media Center
  • Display art work from April 27 through the end of the program
  • Teach and sing Hatikvah in classes and the service
  • Serve Israeli fruit salad and foods.
  • Place books about Israel out in the Media Center and on tables in the lobby.
RESOURCESIsrael fact sheetschedule of workshopsschedule for the dayshopping at the shuk instructions 
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