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FOREIGN FOOD AND FILM FESTIVAL         (Summary: 2618)

After launching its popular "Spirit of Shabbat" service on the 3rd Friday night of each month, Temple Beth Ami extended the evening by creating a program called FFFF (Foreign Food, Film and Fun), focusing on Jews Around the World. Three times a year, following the 6:30 service, we take a virtual journey to a foreign country. We enjoy that country's cuisine at a catered Shabbat dinner, and learn about their Jewish community through a presenter and a documentary film depicting the Jewish community of the chosen country. Each "FFFF" evening has drawn 100+ adult dinner guests, often including friends of congregants from outside our own congregation. And, on occasion, at the request of younger adult dinner guests, we provided a supervised on-site dinner/activity for their children. FFFF-goers are charged only for the cost of dinner, and the congregation's endowment fund and budget covers the public performance fees to screen the films, along with any honorariums for our presenters, oftentimes the producers or directors of the film. In the past two years, the lay committee has come up with six exciting – and delicious – destinations:

  1. The Lost Wooden Synagogues of Eastern Europe (Russian dinner)
  2. The Last Jews of Libya (Moroccan dinner)
  3. Havana Nagila: The Jews of Cuba (Cuban dinner)
  4. Salaam, Shalom: The Jews of India (Indian dinner)
  5. Return to the Jewish Ghetto of Venice (Italian dinner)
  6. The Last Jews on Broome Street (Greek dinner)


We are looking forward to our summer meeting to plan our destinations for 2009-2010! 


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