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LEADERSHIP CHAVURAH         (Summary: 2607)

We held Leadership Chavurah with the following goals:

  1. Identify future or potential lay leaders within the synagogue community
  2. Educate participants about all facets of the congregation and its operations
  3. Solicit and encourage their continued and expanded involvement
  4. Seek ideas from these individuals

We held five formal sessions:

  1. Introduction to Temple Sholom of Chicago, which included the history of the congregation, its place within the Union for Reform Judaism and reform movement, the current structure of the senior staff and lay leadership and a grand tour, from boiler room to choir loft!
  2. The congregation as a business, which focused on the business aspects including synagogue finances, membership, Westlawn (our cemetery) and development
  3. Temple Sholom as a house of assembly and community, which focused on social action, the Caring Committee, WRJ and Brotherhood
  4. Temple Sholom as a house of learning, when we discussed Gan Shalom (our preschool), the religious school and adult education
  5. The synagogue as a house of worship, with a discussion focusing on the twin goals of making each worship experience the best possible worship experience for attendees and encouraging more participation in our worship opportunities

Rather than a lecture or just an opportunity to teach the participants about Temple Sholom, we used this as a chance to get ideas and input from these future leaders.  We tried to be honest about the strengths and weaknesses of our congregation, and not sugar coat anything. 

As a result of our efforts, more than half of the 14 participants were asked to join the board and most of them either joined the board or assumed other leadership positions in the congregation.  In addition, it was a forum for younger members to provide meaningful input into the life of Temple Sholom.  Finally, it added to the pool of people from whom we receive constructive ideas on making Temple Sholom a better place. 


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