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CONNECTING GENERATIONS         (Summary: 2571)

Just as the Torah has been passed on from generation to generation, so should our personal narratives. 

Along with the elders of our congregational community, the middle and high school students in our religious school were entrusted with an important responsibility of retrieving and sharing memories. 

Initially, the students participated in storytelling sessions in which they learned interview techniques and the art of telling personal narratives.  They used their skills to develop relationships with the seniors in the program and to record their stories so they could be preserved in the archives of the Nebraska Jewish Historical Society. 

Other goals of this mini-course, which is integrated into our religious school curriculum, are:

  • To identify various constituencies which have not yet been integrated into our congregation, including the elderly, "empty-nesters", widows and widowers
  • To promote intergenerational communication and dialogue
  • To promote an appreciation of the blessings of older-adulthood while focusing on the value of our youth

For more information on creating community in your congregation, visit the website of the Union for Reform Judaism Department of Outreach and Membership at

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