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GLOBAL WARMING: A FORUM         (Summary: 2564)

The Limud Zedek-Teaching Righteousness Committee formed as an extension of our Social Action Program group for the purpose of involving our community in advocacy.  The committee planned a Global Warming forum to educate the community and show them how to take action on key issues.  We invited a panel of experts, including a professor who spoke about the science, an environmental activist who spoke about policy initiatives, the city's recycling coordinator, a representative from the electric company who talked about energy conservation, and a rabbi who spoke about the Jewish perspective. 

We partnered with nearly every Jewish organization in Tampa, as well as many environmental organizations.  This helped us achieve our goals of gathering the Jewish community at large to learn about a pressing social issue and how they can make an impact by empowering them the take action.  In addition, the forum has reinforced our commitment to tikkun olam.

RESORUCES:  program from the forum; tips for going green

For more green tips, visit Greening Reform Judaism, the Union's online portal for all thigns green.

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