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ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES         (Summary: 2555)

Endless Opportunities is a collaborative program offering an array of free activities for healthy older Jewish adults (ages fifty and up, although no community member is excluded because of his/her age). Endless Opportunities programs fall into three categories: educational; social and cultural and mitzvah or volunteer opportunities.

The program began when the congregation recognized the community did not provide adequate services for healthy, mature adults, many of whom felt alienated from the local Jewish community.

The key to this success has been the cross group collaboration between the founding organizations (Jewish Family Services and Temple De Hirsch Sinai) and the Planning Committee comprised of the older adults who participate in the activities.  A quarterly schedule of activities is published and sent to all the homes on the mailing list.  In addition, monthly flyers highlighting classes, discussion groups and other activities are mailed out and posted on the Web sites of both organizations.  Endless Opportunities has held 49 "at capacity" activities since its inception in 2005 with more planned this quarter and beyond.


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