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This year Congregation Beth Tikvah’s staff hosted our 4th annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner & Celebration Event on Friday, May 18th. The celebration is in honor of all members who have done any volunteer work at the synagogue throughout the year. It has the benefit of highlighting volunteerism in general, specifically acknowledging those who do volunteer work at the temple, and unifying the staff through a common goal.

The program has several layers: the dinner, light entertainment, and a Photo Show of the Year’s Volunteer Activities. Next, our Leadership Shabbat service honors our incoming board members and thanks our outgoing leaders. The staff arranges and hosts a very extravagant Oneg Shabbat afterwards to honor all our leaders and volunteers.

The Event: To distinguish the staff, we all wear clothing of matching colors. We greet and seat members as they arrive. Name tags are used, just to make it easy for everyone to address each other. Shabbat Dinner is provided buffet. All staff serves the buffet food and clears the tables along with our custodial staff. A VERY brief thank you is extended, although no one is singled out publicly. The evening is kept very cordial and the dinner is followed by 15 minutes of entertainment. The highlight of the evening is a 20-minute photo montage show, which is projected onto a large screen with music behind it. We spend the whole year chasing people who are volunteering to catch them “in the act.” A designated staff person has become quite proficient with the program we use, PHOTOSHOW, and it gets better every year. It’s recorded onto a DVD, and is also played through a TV monitor later in the night during the oneg. It always draws a crowd and a lot of enthusiasm.


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