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PROJECT HOME AGAIN         (Summary: 2449)

Project Home Again's mission is to provide people in our community with the basic comforts of home they could otherwise not afford. With donations from our congregation and the greater community, we make sure our less fortunate neighbors have the necessary household items they need in order to live with dignity.

A donated 2500 square foot warehouse space enables us to serve up to seventy families a week. We now have fifteen volunteers who work in the warehouse which is open three days a week. After speaking extensively with local organizations, we now work with over fifty social service agencies as well as the local clergy. Word spread about Project Home Again and we now receive donations and support not only from our congregation but from the community at-large, as well as many surrounding towns. It has been an incredible experience for everyone involved.

In the future our youth group will work one afternoon a week in the warehouse, and we were recently contacted by a local church eager to send volunteers to help us staff the warehouse.

RESOURCES:  program flyerclient in-take sheetdonation in-take sheetsample federation presentationweekly pick up formwinter program flyerProject Home Again website

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