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LIVING TORAH         (Summary: 2395)

The Living Torah program was conducted to highlight the restoration and rededication of two of our Torahs and to encourage our temple community to participate in the study of Torah and learn how its beauty inspires us to embrace those teachings and make them part of our lives.  The calendar and curriculum for the religious school included events and activities with the study of Torah as its cornerstone, and several Adult Education programs carried this theme throughout. A year's worth of activities culminated in a gala weekend which featured a dinner dance, a parade of our Torahs and Confirmation services on Erev Shavuot.

As a result of this program, our school children became a community of learners centered around the lessons of Torah. They gained an appreciation of how its teachings impact their lives. Having an opportunity to write a letter in the Torah under the guidance of our Sofer created a life-altering moment for young and old alike. The nominal charge for the Sofer and t-shirts which were sold for the picnic helped defray some of our costs. A large committee was formed to run the event which gave newer, not yet involved members an opportunity to volunteer their time and talent.

Events associated with the program included a Torah Scavenger Hunt at the Philadelphia Zoo (find the animals mentioned in the Torah), Simchat Torah Celebration, Talking Torah: What's it all about?, Scholar-in-Residence Weekend, Adult Education Program & Teen Study with Sofer Neil Yerman, Torah Writing, Torah Scavenger Hunt at Longwood Gardens (find the plants mentioned in the Torah), Dinner Dance, Torah Parade & Picnic, Erev Shavuot/Confirmation Service.

RESOURCES: Events associated with the program

For more information on family education programs and programs centering on Torah, visit the Union's Learning and Worship  websites.

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