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HASHIUR         (Summary: 2319)

A few years ago, our congregation decided to pull apart our monthly Bulletin and create separate pieces that each better served a defined purpose (see details below).This meant that we didn’t have a vehicle for sharing thoughtful, educationally significant pieces with the congregation, so we decided to create a separate  magazine that would be published three times a year, each issue of which would have a theme, and would contain thought pieces of interest to our members. It has been very successful. The editorial board, which currently consists of our clergy and executive director, decides on a theme for each issue and then recruits members of the congretation and clergy to write the articles. Themes have included: the Reform Jewish community in Argentina, High Holy Day sermons edited into thought pieces, Reform Judaism's relationship with Israel, our search for God, etc. This last theme included essays, poems, and even illustrations by our children.

The other pieces we created are Luach, which is a monthly calendar with registration information and some topical information about our congregants (see summary #2304) and a three/four times a year special development piece called Acts of Loving Kindness that includes articles about donors and lists gifts made to the congregation. 

RESOURCES: You can download the latest issue of HaSHIUR from our Web site in the Worship portion at


For more information on Adult Education in your synagogue, visit the Web site of the Union's Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning at

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