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The goal of the program was to involve every segment of our congregation in the exciting events and activities that "affirmed our historic bond to Eretz Yisrael." From beginning to end the success of this event can be measured by the increased awareness of our members of the wonder that is the state of Israel. People's interest were raised in visiting Israel, in its music, its dancing, its food, its history. The wonder of its achievements was thrust to the forefront of everyone's minds. Watching the young people of the Israeli Scout Caravan perform and meeting them individually not only impressed most people, but it also made us aware of the type of people who are Israel's future leaders.

The events took place from May 11 to June 6, 2005 and included a speaker whose subject was the Israeli military, a bar/bat mitzvah Oneg Shabbat with an Israeli theme, Kesem Puppet Theater entertaining Sunday school with tales of Israel, Israeli dancing, an Israeli Kallah and a full weekend visit of the Israeli Scout Caravan.

RESOURCES: Flyers and promotional material of all the events, flyer to parentsdance flyerspeaker flyerevent flyer, temple bulletin promotional material, detailed curricula 


For more information about bringing Israeli programming to your congregation, visit the Web site of the Union's Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning at and the Web site of ARZA at

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