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YOM KIPPUR AFTERNOON SERVICE         (Summary: 2047)

A group of our members changed our Yom Kippur afternoon service based on a service at a Synagogue 2000 conference conducted by Rabbi Richard Jacobs and Cantor Benjie Schiller--the changes were simple but profound and have been very well received by our congregation. They consist of the following:

  1. A moment of silent meditation at the beginning to separate the preceding service from the Avodah liturgy.
  2. The paragraphs from Torah were chanted from the Torah, which was placed in the middle of the congregation.
  3. Singable music related to the readings were added: after the Torah reading about creation we sand Mah Gadlu (Gold), after the portion from Lech L'cha we sang L'chi Lach (Friedman).
  4. There were fewer readers, the entire service was read by four people.
  5. At the end of the service, a holocaust memorial and some reading about contemporary terrorism was added so that the liturgy began with martyrs of ancient times and ended with martyrs of our own day. We finished with Hatikvah.

RESOURCES: Excerpts from the service and songsheet.

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