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THANKSGIVING INTERFAITH         (Summary: 1464)

At the inception of our congregation, like many others we were without a building. The local Lutheran church, made their building available to us on Saturday mornings to allow for worship and b'nai mitzvah. Since then, our congregation has grown immeasurably, but the original linkage between us has remained through several programs, highlighted by our annual Thanksgiving Interfaith Service.

This service is held the Tuesday evening before Thanksgiving every year. The venue alternates between the two congregations. Highlights include a sermon by the visiting clergy, joint and single choir performances, and a charitable donation made to "Island Harvest" our local volunteer agency to help feed the hungry and homeless of Long Island. The oneg or collation, depending upon the host, is provided by the host congregation, usually under the auspices of Sisterhood or Women's Auxiliary. The timing of the service often allows for the inclusion of children from early childhood through college students, many of whom have already returned for the long weekend. ---------------

For more information on interfaith programming see the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism's web site at and its publication Lirdof Tzedek: A Guide to Synagogue Social Action at  

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