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VOICES OF RUTH         (Summary: 1407)

As part of our celebration of Shavuot, our Sisterhood sponsored a panel discussion by five congregants who had chosen Judaism. The program was held at a Shavuot open house in the home of our rabbi.

After we ate, we read a short selection from the Book of Ruth. Then each of the five Jews-by-choice had the opportunity to tell the story of his or her journey to Judaism, followed by a question-and-answer and discussion period. Over sixty people attended this program. The dialogue was very valuable and almost unstoppable! Several congregants asked if the conversation could be continued at another time. A new congregant from the former Soviet Union commented that in some ways her path was similar to that of a Jew-by-choice in that she has gone from being a nonpracticing Jew to one who has discovered a spiritual Judaism.

For a collection of material on Outreach programming visit the URJ's Outreach web page, and for more information on Shavuot programming see the URJ's holiday web page.

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